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Terms & Conditions

www.epictvbox.com is intended to be an informative and e-commerce website which educates and provides information regarding current products, services and technologies. When visiting Epic TV’s website you are accepting the terms of use as stipulated below.

Purchasing and acceptance

Once a service or ‘physical good/product’ has been purchased and accepted by the customer from Epic TV the following terms and conditions apply.

Epic TV offers various ways in which to purchase goods or services, when purchasing from Epic TV you are also agreeing to the terms of use stipulated below.
Items or services which are purchased from Epic TV need to be paid in full in advance. Epic TV reserves the right to cancel an order or service if the owed amount is not settled and no agreement has been reached between both Epic TV and the concerned third party.


– All packaging material associated with the purchased product needs to be kept whole and without any visible or hidden physical damage
– Products need to be returned in the above mentioned packaging
– The packaging needs to be that used in the original supply of the product and needs to correspond to any codes or serial numbers  associated with the mentioned product. Epic TV reserves the right to void a warranty if a device needs to be replaced and the original packaging is not returned to Epic TV

All units purchased from Epic TV are subject to the below terms and conditions and should be followed in order for a warranty to remain valid. faulty devices which need to be checked by Epic TV staff need to be brought to our service centre in Sliema, no house calls are available as servicing equipment will not be moved.
A device which is brought to Epic TV for repairs or maintenance may need to be shipped overseas to it’s manufacturer, in this case the customer may need to wait up to 6 weeks, this occurs only if the device can not be repaired in house. 

Faulty devices
– Devices thought to be faulty need to be returned to Epic TV for further examination, no device is to be tampered with or opened by anyone other than Epic TV approved technical personnel for a warranty to remain valid.
– A faulty device will be checked and repaired by Epic TV approved staff and will be replaced if the device is deemed irreparable.
– For a device to be replaced there need to be no signs of physical damage to the device or signs of tampering which as a result would have lead to the corruption of the ‘firmware’ software needed to run the device correctly’ or physical damage to components necessary for the correct operation of the device..
– If a device is deemed irreparable and hence needs replacing, a replacement item will be provided within the time necessary for the device to be sourced unless in stock. Epic TV is allowed at least up to 2 ‘two’ weeks for a replacement device to be provided after the manufacturer has confirmed that the device can not be repaired.
– Water damage to devices which as a result causes a device to stop working or work incorrectly is not covered by the warranty.

Software related issues
A device which no longer has the ability to function due to corrupted firmware will be examined and dealt with accordingly, the warranty will no longer apply if the firmware was corrupted due to an error on the users part. ‘malicious software or incompatible software may cause such issues’
Firmware refers to the software installed on the device by the manufacturer, used to control the hardware within the device’
Pre installed software which has been modified in any way by a third party and as a result now no longer functions correctly will be re installed by Epic TV however a fee will apply. If after examination it is deemed that the software was corrupted with no fault of the user than Epic TV will re install the software and no charge will apply. Any form of re installation to third party software is subject to a standard fee.
Third party software installed on any device purchased from Epic TV is not covered by this warranty, therefore any device which contains third party software which is not directly linked to the device firmware may be re installed if corrupted by Epic TV however a fee may apply.
Re programming or re installation of third party software: Epic TV will charge a fee for the re programming of an Android TV Box.
‘XBMC, Kodi or other similar third party applications’ are not covered by the warranty. Epic TV will investigate the fault and depending on the outcome of the investigation a charge may apply. If the fault is caused due to incorrect use or due to malicious software being installed on the device, Epic TV will charge a fee or decline the customers request to repair the device as the warranty will no longer apply.
Software which is installed on a device is not the property of www.epictvbox.com or of any individuals representing or working on behalf of www.epictvbox.com, therefore software which is pre-installed on any device is not the responsibility of www.epictvbox.com or any representative working on behalf the said website. 

Epic TV provides a delivery service around Malta which is subject to availability, a delivery request may not always be honored, in which case the customer will need to collect items from a designated area.  Contact us for more information.



Non-physical goods or services

According to Epic TV’s terms and conditions a non-physical good or service purchased refers to software, software updates, manipulation of existing software ‘also referred to as ‘programming of An Android TV Box’  or a service which is being provided to the customer/user via the internet remotely.
Subscriptions which are ongoing and being provided via the internet or a network to the users device are non-refundable meaning that any amount paid towards a subscription will not be refunded and it is the purchasers decision ta pay for and accept the terms of such a service.

If you have purchased an item from Epic TV which works in conjunction with an ongoing subscription and the ongoing subscription is no longer offered by Epic TV or the ongoing subscription fees have changed in any way and you now no longer wish to continue the service, we will not accept returns or any refund requests for items which are no longer usable or used.

Legal issues

It is recommended that one always checks the latest updates related to legal issues with the products sold on this site with their local authorities as laws may change from time to time and what may have been legal today, may no longer be legal tomorrow. ‘That’s an example’

Android TV Boxes, how they should be used and important clarification between Epic TV and Epic TV customers or Epic TV onlookers.

Our Android TV Boxes DO NOT come pre-loaded with software which infringes copyright laws out of the box, the Android TV Boxes we offer come pre configured with a fresh copy of the Android Operating system and also free apps which one would commonly find pre installed on any High End Smart phone. Applications such as Kodi will not include Add-ons, We do this to ensure that neither Epic TV or anyone representing Epic TV is helping the distribution of illegal content. Android TV Boxes are simply computer devices running the Android Operating system, it is the type of software which one chooses to add to these devices which may or may not effect the legality of the content being viewed on ones TV through the Android TV Box. It is NOT correct for anyone to argue that an Android TV Box is illegal, European courts in April of 2017 have Ruled that its the software which is no longer legal, software such as the add-ons mounted into Kodi and not even Kodi itself, never mind the actual Android TV Box. Kodi Add-ons which allow the free viewing of copyright protected media are the issue and also similar applications which aim to do the same thing. In a nutshell, as of April 2017 it is NOT illegal to own an Android TV Box, the Court Ruling is against Kodi Add-ons which allow for illegal content to be streamed! Software such as Kodi + addons, Showbox, Mobdro and others may also be installed on ones Smart phone running Android or IOS, therefore should Smart phones be made illegal too? of course not! this is why Android TV Boxes are NOT illegal if used correctly. Netfix and similar Apps allow for streaming of content onto an Android TV Box and that’s perfectly fine

As we do not intend to offer Android TV boxes with any form of illegal software, we also condem the use of such software, software which allows free viewing of copyright material shouldnt be installed and if it is installed is the responsibility of the user. Any aw suits or consequences related to the miss use of the Android TV Box or product purchased from Epic TV is the responsibility of the user and not any member of the Epic TV Team.

It is important that you notify us in writing via email to info@epictvbox,.com if you do not agree with our refunds policy or any other part of these terms and conditions.

Epic TV is not responsible for the way in which an individual may choose to use a device purchased from Epic TV.