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Smart Doorbells Malta

Epic TV has brought Smart doorbells to Malta for the first time,

For years intercoms and doorbells have been installed in our homes in Malta, we started with simple loud doorbells, then moved onto doorbells with fancy ‘annoying’ melodies, we then discovered intercoms, intercoms offer live two way voice communication between the main door and a room in the premises.

We then introduced video to the mix and the intercom as we know it today was borne. A standard commonly available intercom provides a live video feed to a room in the house, it also allows individuals to interact with people who are at the door.

Smart doorbells Malta take this technology to an all new level, with Smart doorbells you are able to speak to and see individuals at your door even when you are away.

Smart doorbells Malta is the first company on the island of Malta to bring and introduce the future of Doorbells, Smart doorbells Malta offers the very latest technology whilst also offering a great installation service, this ensures our products are working as they should be.

We have tested numerous products before launching Buzzer smart doorbells in Malta, Buzzer Smart Doorbells offer numerous features and go way past a simple chime!

The Buzzer Smart doorbell offers the following features with added options.

Live 2 way voice communication between a mobile device and the doorbell

Live video feed between the Smart doorbell and the mobile device.

Live real time notifications when the doorbell is clicked

Motion detection sensors which alert you when someone approaches your door ‘can be switched off’

Infra Red camera for low light conditions or nightfall

Infra red detection and alerts

Remote unlocking ‘Optional extra’

Key chain cards ‘4’ for door opening when swiping the doorbell’ ‘optional extra’

Security camera software for windows PC’s and Android devices ‘use the doorbell as a security camera’

Water resistant and excellent for outdoor use

Android and iPhone Apps which interact with the doorbell

So, it’s new, so naturally you have questions. We attempt to answer most of them on here and on the website however if you still have questions feel free to call 00356 79552435

When you factor in the different uses this Smart intercom has, it’s a simple switch, the older fashioned intercoms make no sense anymore, this Smart doorbell uses your mobile screen as a display for the live video feed.

Whats inside the box of a smart doorbell?

When purchasing the Buzzer Smart doorbell you will receive a box containing the bell and all the accessories needed, if you opt for the door unlocking package, we will also include the relays and remote control.
The doorbell cover comes with pre-drilled holes which will match a standard wall socket, this means in most cases you will be able to remove your old doorbell switch and screw this one in to replace the old with the new.
You will need to ensure there is a sufficient WI-FI signal near the door or location of the bell, if Not you would need to extend the reach of the WI-FI signal OR pass an internet cable ‘CAT5 or CAT^’ standard Ethernet cable to the location of the bell from an internet source.

Powering up the Smart doorbell

The Smart doorbell needs a power source, it comes with a 12 Volt power supply which can be directly connected to the mains, it may also be powered through an Ethernet cable ‘poe’
Now that the Smart doorbell has power and an internet connection, its almost ready to use.

Smart doorbell custom App

Next, one would need to download the custom app from the Google app store or the Apple store.

The app then needs to be configured to connect to the installed Smart doorbell

After the app is configured the bell is ready to use. Multiple devices can be configured to work on the same Smart doorbell including the following

Smart phones, tablets, Android TV Boxes, Windows PC’s and other Smart devices.

Smart doorbell is ready for action!

Now each configured device becomes a display unit for your smart intercom system, no matter where you are in the world ‘so long as there’s an internet connection on your smart device’ you are able to answer your door as though you where there at home.

WIFI Smart doorbellsmart doorbell notification on phone




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