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TVIP 605 box multimedia player

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All the below include a Warranty on the actual device.

Product Description

What is the TVIP 605 multimedia box?

The TVIP 605 is a versatile multimedia player which allows the user to play various formats of video and audio content. The TVIP 605 is able to connect to online servers through an internet connection.

Physical characteristics of the TVIP 605

The TVIP 605 measures 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches and is 0.5 inches high, it weighs about as much as a normal PC mouse and comes in two colors, black or white. The TVIP 605 has 4 rubber pads for grip and not to scratch furniture. TVIP 605 Malta available in Sliema off the strand.

Connectivity on the TVIP 605 multimedia player

1 micro SD slot, allows the user to play content directly off the card
2 USB ports for connecting peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard or USB storage device.
1 IR port for connecting a remote infra red receiver
1 AV output port, for connecting to older television uinits using phono plugs
1 HDMI slot for connecting the TVIP 605 to a TV or projector
1 ethernet port for a direct internet connection
1 12 volt DC input for powering up the device
1 infrared seonsor on the front of the TVIP 605 for the included remote control
1 power button ont he front of the TVIP 605 box

Whats better about the TVIP 605 TV box?

The alternative option is the TVIP 600, which also shares the same physical attributes, the internal working parts are quite different between the 2.
The 605 has inbuilt WI-FI, the 600 doesnt, the 605 has a processor capable of decoding 4K streams where as the 600 cant.

Where to get the TVIP 605 box in Malta?

Our office is situated in Sliema, collection is available during normal office working hours.

The TVIP 605 decoder is fast, reliable and extremely stable, it is superior in many ways when compared to almost any box currently on the market.

TVIP boxes have improved on the shortcoming of Informir’s range of Mag boxes, TVIP boxes work faster and smoother and from experience can confirm that they do last longer too.





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