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Mag 254 IPTV Set Top Box


Comes with the standard Mag user interface, for live TV you would need to purchase one of our IPTV packages from the shop page. We offer a Gold and Platinum service. For more info visit the individual products. Call for info on 79552435 or email

Product Description

MAG 254 IPTV Set Top Box

With so much talk about IPTV systems it comes with no surprise that most searches will lead you towards reviews of MAG254 IPTV Set top box’s or other similar IPTV products from the same range.

So what is the MAG254 set top box? And what is all this talk about IPTV?

Well its simple, we already told you all the important bits regarding what IPTV is in our IPTV review, and now with that out of the way we can discuss our next topic, ‘IPTV set top boxes.

What is A MAg 254 IPTV set top box used for?

In order for a user to view IPTV content on a screen, he or she needs a device which will accept the internet data and translate that data to great images and sound, this is where the MAG 254 comes into play, the Mag in a nutshell is a device which accepts data packets through an internet connection, ‘Wired or wirelessly’ then passes these packets of data through its integrated circuits and with the aid of software, converts this data into great video contents with great ease and efficiency.

Physical characteristics of the MAg 254 IPTV Set Top Box

The MAG 254 IPTV Set Top Box measures in at just 12.7cm by 8.7cm and 3cm high, it is one of the smallest of its kind however this small set-top box throws in a mighty punch, at the helm of this Flagship is nun other than Linux, one of the most stable operating systems out there, Linux version 2.6.23, this is an open source operating system and the manufacturers have also chosen to allow users to modify this code and therefore customize the MAG-254 to their needs.

Basic Specification for the Mag 254

As Linux is such a resource friendly operating system, 512mb of RAM or ‘Random access memory’ are more than enough, the MAG 254 IPTV Set Top Box supports HTML 4.01, HDMI 1.4, Audio output S/PDIF, AV out, USB2 and composite video out. The MAG also supports 3D Movie processing.

Mag 254 IPTV set top box VS the Android TV Box

Unlike the Android TV Box, the MAG 254 IPTV Set Top Box does not use the Android operating system as a platform to run other useful IPTV based systems, this enables the MAG to outperform any currently available Android TV Box’s running IPTV services, far much less resources are used with Linux and this is why the MAG is able to run faster, cooler and more efficiently.

We ran the same IPTV service on an Android box and then on the MAG254, we then asked a 65 year old male who admitted he wasn’t at all tech savvy to use both systems and share with us which system he thought was more user friendly. The MAG 254 IPTV Set Top Box was clearly his choice.

Mag 254 IPTV set top box user interface

The way in which the MAG 254 IPTV Set Top Box user interface was set up ensures the ease of use which is so required by many users out there who find other similar products too complicated to use, the MAG reduces complexity to a near nonexistence and this is a key selling point for the less tech savvy user.

When purchasing the MAG254 you receive within the packaging the following items, as provided by the manufacturer:

  • 1 MAG254 Set-Top box
  • 1 Mini Jack cable to RCA = AV cable for older style televisions ‘Phono plugs Red, Yellow and White’
  • 1 User manual
  • 1 Power Adapter 12V at 1amp
  • 1 IR remote control
  • 2 * AAA Batteries

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