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WIFI Smart doorbell

Smart doorbell / intercom system

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Buzzer, the Smart doorbell which connects to your home or office network via WIFI or Ethernet cable and provides a direct link to your Smart device no matter where you are.

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Product Description

Buzzer Smart doorbell


Buzzer, the smart doorbell lets you answer your door even when you’re not at home, thanks to it’s advanced smart features, buzzer is able to connect to your smart device via the internet and provide a live video feed with 2 way voice communication.

Buzzer is able to connect to your home or office network wirelessly and can be configured in minutes, Buzzer interacts with your smart device using a custom app which can be installed on Android as well as IOS devices.

Up your home or office security with Buzzer, make a burglars life harder, give the impression someone is always there with a Smart doorbell!

With Buzzer by your side you’ll know who’s at your door and You never need to miss that much awaited delivery again or miss out on important client meetings if you had to run out for a few minutes.

Thanks to its highly customization app, Buzzer can be set to automatically record events and will notify you when someone is walking towards your door thanks to its Motion detection sensor. Buzzer can see exceptionally well at night too thanks to its infrared sensor and amazing low light capabilities.

Buzzer can even connect to electronic locks, which means you can unlock your door remotely using the smart App on your phone, buzzer even comes with a long range remote control as well as RFID Cards for keyless entry.

Contact us today and together with Buzzer doorbells, will help you add security to your home or office in minutes.

What is a Smart doorbell?

The smart doorbell is the next generation of doorbell, it connects directly to the internet wirelessly or with an Ethernet cable and is then able to connects to smart phones, tablets, computers and smart televisions remotely. With the smart doorbell you can answer your door even when you’re not at home, actually you can even answer your door when your abroad.

The Smart doorbell offers a high definition video feed between the doorbell and your device of choice, a smartphone would be the first choice for most individuals.

So, How does a smart doorbell work?

The Smart doorbell connects directly to your home or office network via your WIFI or wired network connection. The smart doorbell will then connect to your mobile device and notify you when someone rings your smart doorbell. A live video feed is transmitted from the Smart doorbell via its high definition camera to your smart device and you are able to answer or decline the notification. When a notification is accepted, one may see via an HD video steam who is at the door and speak to the person or persons.

The smart doorbell allows for one way video communication and two way voice communication  between the two parties. With the smart doorbell you don’t need to miss any important house calls, such as couriers delivering goods and doctors home visits.


WIFI Smart doorbell


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E-Mail: info@epictvbox.com

Cloudlink P2P Transmission Server, Adaptive Network Configuration
802.11 b / g / n WiFi network or directly connected to an RJ45 or POE * * wired network (with adapter included)
Audio Compression mode G.711
Speaking Voice Engine Technology 3Dvoice, Voice Full duplex Up / Down
H.264 video format
Recording mode Manual recording, alarm recording, timer recording
External memory Micro SD card up to 128GB
1 megapixel camera
Camera lens 2.5mm, 130 degrees wide angle
Night vision IR CUT no color deviation, B / W night vision within 5 meters
Frame rate 25 Fps HD (1280 * 720), SD (640 * 480), LD (320 * 240)
Alarm Motion Detection, PIR Detection, Tamped Alarm
PUsh Push message online on Smartphone or tablet and electronic mail.
Data Interface TCP / IP, UDP, SMTP, DHCP, UPnP, ONVIF connection NVR
DC9 ~ 16V 1A power adapter or POE power per POE injector provided
Waterproof IP55
Temp / humidity -20 ~ 55 C 10-95% RH
GW Weight: 650g


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