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MX3 Android TV Box Review

The all new MX3 Android TV Box

So what has Epic TV got to say about the MX3 Android powered TV Box?

After having tested this 4K Android TV Box our findings look promising, not only does the MX3 perform extremely well but it also looks great, we believe the manufacturer has really managed to successfully address the consumer needs, let’s see how.

Aesthetically the MX3 looks great, it’s like a re-designed MX2, we all remember the MX2, it was Epic TV’s Best seller for 2014, we can also see the introduction of a large power button on the lower right hand corner of the MX3, something we lacked in previous models. The plastic feels of a better quality, it’s been given some rounder edges and makes the overall look and feel of the MX3 Android TV Box more pleasant and eye catching.

In this MX3 Android TV Box review we look at the choice of chipset used, it is also quite impressive, it’s using the Amlogic S802 Quad core A9 CPU which is claimed to run at up to 2GHZ per core, it’s using the ARM Mali 450 GPU ‘Graphics card’ capable of rendering 4K UHD ‘Ultra High Definition’ images and its using a 2 GB DDR3 RAM ‘Memory used to load programs for processing by the CPU’ It is also good to point out that there are 2 versions of the MX3 being sold, one with 1GB of RAM and the other with 2GB of RAM, we strongly suggest purchasing the 2GB version and always check to make sure your getting what you pay for, we do not stock the 1GB version as we feel there are cheaper units offering the same performance with only 1GB of RAM, ‘the MX2 and the quad core with antenna’.

The MX3 comes pre-loaded with Androids 4.4.2 Operating system ‘OS’ which is also known as Android KitKat, this operating system ‘OS’ is the same operating system you would also find in High End smart phones, Android KitKat’s graphical user interface has been customised for users viewing experience, it includes a Windows style home screen where items are separated in a Windows style, sub menus are also separated in this way.

The MX3, like most High End Android TV Boxes allows its users to view e-mails, browse the Internet, watch YouTube videos, Facebook and also play games, it is an extremely cost effective way of introducing a computer system to your home, boat or business.

After having conducted this review, Epic TV Malta places the MX3 in the top 3 currently available units, it is more than capable of handling the tasks at hand and doesn’t suffer from known faults within some other Android TV Box’s.

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