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The MX2 Android TV Box Review

MX2 Android TV Box Review

The MX2 Android TV Box Review

The MX2 Android TV box has been around for quite a while now, for many, this Android device proved to be the first of its kind to be fit for purpose and so we will write a detailed MX2 Android TV Box Review.

The MX2 owes its great success to its selected chipset which was developed by one of the worlds leading integrated chips manufacturers, these are nun other than Amlogic from silicon valley USA.

With a quad core graphics card coupled with a dual core processor ‘CPU’ and one gigabytes of RAM, the MX2 is able to process video data with great ease and speed, this takes away all the previous issues which plagued so many slow, under performing Android box’s.

With 4 usb ports and an SD card slot, the MX2 allows its users to integrate webcams, external storage devices, keyboards, mice and many other great accessories.

The MX2 is by far to date the most sold Android TV box, yes there are more powerful devices availae with more RAM and bells and whistles however let’s remember what this box and box’s alike are intended for and if all these extras are really necessary and worth the extra cost involved when purchasing. The mx2 does everything it should properly, it even supports and plays 3D video.

Prior to the MX2 there was the MX, this device was slow and for this reason was the cause to frustration. With the introduction of the new MX2 all these lag issues where addressed and users started to enjoy online video content on their big screen.

The MX2 runs Android 4.2.2. Jellybean, a stable release of Android which also comes with all the great apps pre installed including Facebook Skype, xbmc, an awesome web browser and Many more of the great apps we find on most Android phones and tablets, this means the user now has all this greatness for a fraction of the price of a smart phone or tablet.

The MX2 has an in built WiFi chip and internal antenna which allows the unit to connect trough a wireless network, also incorporated is an Rj45 Ethernet connector for standard internet connections.
We recommend connecting the MX2 via Ethernet cable as the WiFi signal does fall below ideal strength if the WiFi transmitter is not in line of site and within 6 meters of the box.

After having experienced the MX 2 and worked with it for over a year now, it’s safe to say that this is a very capable device which is extremely well priced when compared to newer models such as the M8 and M8S, we highly recommend it for those who would like to connect an Android TV box to an older style television set ‘crt’ as well as a full HD TV and aren’t bothered with the nitty gritty, fact remains that the MX2 is a great unit able to perform All its tasks, it runs programs like XBMC and Netflix flawlessly and there is very little it can’t do when compared to units which are priced well higher.

The MX 2 comes with included phono plugs, an HDMI cable, power suply, user manual and an IR remote.

Additionally one may opt to add a fly air mouse with a keyboard on the back, this makes surfing the net, writing emails and searching for movies by name much easier.

Hope you enjoyed reading this MX2 Android TV Box Review.

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