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Medialink ML8000 Review

Medialink ML8000 Review

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Medialink ML8000 Review

In this article we’l be conducting a Medialink ML8000 review.

The ML8000 is one of the very first boxes which brings together the possibility to connect to your favorite IPTV service provider as well as download and install your favorite Android Apps.

The ML8000 is both Linux and Android based! You get the stability which is only offered by Linux as well as the versatility offered by the Android O/S.

In this Medialink ML8000 review we will be explaining some of the main unique characteristics the ML8000 has to offer.


The ML89000 is a TRUE multimedia box.


Whilst conducting this review of the ML8000 we discovered how well it lives up to its name as being a Multimedia box. The ML8000 allows the user to log into his or her favorite IPTV providers server. This can be achieved via the Xtream codes portal or even the Stalker portal in exactly the same way as one would when using a Mag or TVIP decoder. The user experience is great whilst using the Stalker or Xtream codes interface. Channel switching is fast and the layout is great.
The ML8000 uses the Linux Operating system which offers great stability, performance as well as reliability. This is also true with similar competing devices such as the Mag by Infomir as well as TVIP.

Installing APPS on the ML8000

There is one main difference however between the above mentioned when compared to the ML8000, The ML8000 allows you, the user to access apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Kodi and many more apps.

One can install apps on the ML8000 thanks to the APK installer function. This is present on its Apps menu. Aptoid is also included, another great way to install apps onto the Android operating system is also included. This great function means that the ML8000 allows the user to update the box without having to take the box to a professional.

Automatic updates on ML8000

The ML8000 is supported by a very dedicated team of engineers who regularly provide firmware updates for the box. Updates can be done through its menu and takes approximately 10 minutes. Within this time the box is downloading the firmware, installing it and unpacking the apps. It then optimizes all the apps to work on the Android O/S.
Most Android TV Boxes DO NOT offer updates. The factories they come from don’t bother releasing firmware upgrades for firmware improvements.

Construction of the Medialink ML8000  Multimedia box

From a design standpoint. The ML8000 is attractive to look at. It takes the native Android TV Box design and improves it slightly by including 2 tone colors. It also rounds off some of the sharp edges. Adequate ventilation holes on the underside of the box allow the box to run smoothly and cool even when demanding video decoding is taking place. Medialink made sure to include a large name and model numb er onto the top surface of the box.

Here are some images of the ML8000 from different angles

Medialink ML 800ML8000 interface portsMedialink ML8000


The box does what is intended, it decodes video with ease and is capable of running all the great apps one can find on the google Playstore as well as Aptoid. It’s good to note that the ML8000 is built for a purpose and that’s for the box to be used as a multimedia device which hooks up to your TV or Projector similarly to the way one can use a mag or TVIP box.

Bang for Buck concluding the Medialink ML8000 Review

The ML8000 is one of the best priced Multimedia boxes out there.  The box is slightly cheaper than the Mag and TVIP range of units. The ML8000 offers the user way more functionality which others tend to lack. All in all the ML8000 is the best option for those who like their IPTV service however want more out of their box. Rather than purchasing an Android TV Box and an IPTV decoder, you can just purchase this great 2 in 1 solution.

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