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Medialink 6200S

Medialink 6200S

This is a review for the Medialink 6200s Smart Home Multimedia box with HEVC or H265


We received the Medialink 6200s in mid December 2016 and started testing the box with various IPTV and satellite systems, it is safe to say that the Medialink 6200S managed to perform all the tasks at hand quite easily.

The 6200S is a 2 in one, satellite and IPTV decoder, it comprises of the following connections

Medialink 6200S wiring and connections



LNB in is used for connecting the satellite receivers LNB coaxial cable, this will provide a connection from the ‘Dish’ on the roof to the ML6200S and is used for viewing satellite channels. S2

LNB out will feed a connection from the 6200S to the lnb or lnb’s

Ethernet port allows the box to connect to a network – allowing an internet connection to the 6200S

HDMI port for connecting the 6200s to aTV or projector

A-R connects the 6200S to a TV or projector using an older style form of wiring, this is not an HD option however allows the box to be compatible with older TV’s

USB2.0 is used for connecting USB devices such as keyboards to the 6200S for easier configuration.


Medialink 6200S front view

Medialink 6200S front view

The Medialink 6200S is stylish in design and has a mid sized form factor when compared to smaller units such as the Mag254 or Mag256 by informir, it consists of a power button on the left hand side, near tot hat is a LCD display which offers a basic amount of information such as the state in which the box is operating ‘LOAD’ or channel numbers. The round panel consists of navigation buttons which allow the user to navigate various options even without the remote control ‘Say if your dog ate it’.

A menu button and an exit button near the navigation panel allow the user to enter and exit different parts of the screen on the 6200S graphical user interface.

Even though not made visible in this picture, to the right of the menu and exit buttons is a door which opens to reveal a smart card slot, the Medialink 6200S allows the user to enter a smart card which will decrypt locked channels according to the subscription they are paying with one of the many available networks.

Weight and form factor of the Medialink 6200s Smart home multimedia box

Depth  = 5 inches
Height = 1.5 inches
Length across = 8.5 inches

Weight is approximately 800 grams

It is not the smallest of units in its class however, when compared to other units such as the Enigma boxes, the 6200s smaller and more compact

usability of the Medialink 6200S

Menus are simple to follow and we think this is one of the most user friendly boxes money can buy

Here are some screens commonly accessed when using the 6200s

Medialink 6200S Main menu,


The main menu is accessed simply by pressing the menu button on the supplied remote control,
IPTV on the top left allows the user to access the free IPTV which comes included with the Medialink 6200S from the factory and also custom IPTV services which the user may wish to adopt into the box.
Satellite on the top Right of the screen will allow the user to access satellite reception settings such as, motor configurations, Apps, Keys, Card sharing systems, transponders settings and others.
Pressing the IPTV button on the remote control will automatically load the IPTv channel list of your choice


This screen is the XTREAM Codes IPTV selection menu, the Medialink 6200S can handle up to 4 different IPTV portals, the competition ‘Mag’ can support only 2 portals, this is going to be very useful for individuals who wish to subscribe to different services offered by different providers, example: one provider may have an excellent video on demand package, another may have an excellent Live TV package and another may have a catchup service. You can set the 6200S to connect to all 3 or 4 providers without having to delete and re configure the portals every time.


This is the Stalker IPTV screen, this is very popular with many large IPTV providers therefore both XTREAM codes and Stalker allow the 6200S to handle most IPTV services currently available on the market.


The above picture shows the FREE live TV provided by the Medialink 6200S factory, LIVE TV from various countries can be accessed and this is an added bonus to the box.

Medialink 6200S overall performance]

The channels were streamed on various IPTV services during our testing and all of them worked exceptionally well, the loading time is extremely short and loading entire portals for the first time takes approximately 8 seconds, depends also on the size of the package being downloaded.

Switching between channels is as fast as the internet connection being used and also as fast as the IPTV providers service allows.

Satellite usage: We tested the ML6200S on a satellite system using 1 LNB located in Malta, the channels were decoded well and picture quality is excellent

We also tested an inbuilt software which allows for satellite streams to be opened and this also worked exceptionally well.

The Medialink 6200S is incorporating a new technology which allows for very compressed streams to be de compressed efficiently, this is H265 or also known as HEVC or ‘High efficiency video coding’
HEVC is being rolled out by many different IPTV providers and it is soon going to be essential for IPTV decoders to handle HEVC in order to still be able to receive services. We see HEVC in the Mag256 however not in the Mag254. Over the Mag256, the Medialink 6200s allows for satellite reception, can handle 4 portals and not just 2 and accepts a smart card, all this and its still more affordable. WOW!!


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