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Mag254 Review

Mag254 Review

Mag 254 Review.

Our favourite IPTV set top box, by far for 2015 has to be the Mag254, so now it’s time for a mag254 review!
In this review we will be generally discussing the performance of the Mag and how we find it as an IPTV set top box. The 254 is built in Europe by Infomir, a Ukrainian company specialising in the manufacture of IPTV set top boxes, the 254 is not the latest or most advance IPTV decoder money can buy, however it is a proven well designed and stable set top box.

Design, look and feel of the Mag254

The 254 is tiny in size, on first glance the first thought which comes to mind is, ‘really? Is something this small going to deliver all that’s advertised?’ well YES! The 254 packs quite a punch and its size means it’s not taking up too much room on already clustered shelves, desks or Television units.

The Mag254 allows the user to connect directly to an online IPTV server. Both picture and sound are converted from internet packets of data, the Mag254 has a great way of performing this task, this is why the mag does such a good job at delivering such stunning imagery.

MAG254-3Mag254 IPTV set top box design

Packaging and presentation of the Mag254 IPTV set top box, Mag254 review

The Packaging is excellent, it includes a glossy exterior and a white carton housing for all bits which come included, when purchasing the Mag254 you will receive,
* 1 Mag254 IPTV set top box
* 1 TV Cable – Phonos on one end and a Jack plug on the other
* 2 X AA Batteries
* 1 IR Remote controller
* 1 Basic User guide
* 5V Power adapter

Mag 254 2 Mag254 Packaging

Controlling the Mag254 IPTV set top box, Mag254 Review

An IR ‘infra Red’ Remote control comes standard with every Mag purchased, infomir also throw in a set of AA batteries, the remote allows the user to control all the functions the Mag has to offer, even though there is no keyboard on the actual remote, there is a keyboard button present, when pressed, this button will bring up an onscreen keyboards.
On the whole we found the physical design, weight and functionality of this remote to be Excellent, it doesn’t need to be pointed directly at the Mag254 to work and doesn’t consume that much power, this means you will not be replacing the batteries too often.

Mag254 IR Remote:
Mag254 Remote controlMag254 IR Remote control

Configuring the Mag254 IPTV set top box

This could be a lengthy discussion so we will not get into much detail as we do not deem it necessary for this discussion, however, one simply needs to connect an Ethernet cable with RJ45 connector to the Ethernet port on the rear end of the box, connect the power adapter to the mains and HDMI or phono cable to the TV.
As soon as the mag254 is switched on, one should access the settings page and perform a factory update, this will ensure the latest firmware is installed. Then add any portals you may have in order to connect your Mag to an online server.

Switching through channels when using the Mag254

The channel lists are displayed in an easy to follow menu style, nothing like an Android TV Box, the Linux based operating system makes everything fast and stable, no delays here! Using the direction arrows on the remote control together with the Back and Ok buttons is enough to navigate through most menus.

Extended Mag254 Review – 12 Months on

After having installed a large number of these units, its evident that this is one of the best ever IPTV units Epic TV has sold, it is also the least unit to come back in for repairs. The second least is the M8S Android TV Box. In all of 2015, so far, we have had ‘0’ Yes no physically faulty Mag254 IPTV set top boxes. The only repair work was done to settings which customers had accidentally altered.

The 254 doesn’t suffer from overheating issues and runs stable for most of the time, the only time we find the mag needs to be restarted is if its been left on overnight and hasn’t been restarted in a while. Also we found that there may at times be issues which arise between the Internet modem and the mag, as a result, an internet connection to the 254 is lost and the user will need to restart the device. 99% of the times, a quick reset of the box is enough o resolve this issue, however sometimes one may need to also re start the Internet Modem
There is no WIFI on the Mag however one may opt to purchase an extra USB WIFI dongle which the factory does produce, we find it a little cheeky and think the factory should include this in the box.

Having pointed out the negative aspects, we are still not changing our mind, this is the best choice for IPTV systems, we await a newer model in 2016 which we hope will include WIFI.

NPTEN_W311MI_hg__86992.1417702351.1280.1280Mag254 IR Wifi Adapter

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