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M8S Android TV Box Review

m8s reviewM8S Android TV Box Review, brought to you by Epic TV Box Malta.

Epic TV’s M8S Android TV Box Review, we are proud to be the first on the island to launch and test the all new 4K M8-S android TV Box. When reviewing, the new M8-S is one of the first Android TV Box’s to make use of HEVC, a High Efficiency Video coding technology which ensures video streams are processed in the best possible manner. HEVC allows the all new M8S to run cooler and smoother making the viewing experience unique.

At a glance, the M8S looks identical to the original M8 Android TV box which was launched in mid 2014, the M8S has 2 USB ports for connecting peripherals such as cameras, keyboards, mice etc. One ethernet connection, one optical sound connection, an AV out connection and an SD card slot for expanding the available memory.

The physical shape of the M8S is identical to the original M8, meaning other units being advertised as the new M8 on local Classified ads sites in different shapes are imitations and shouldn’t be confused.

When testing the M8S or ‘M8-S’ Android TV box we found it to be more stable and slightly quicker when processing video content, the difference was only slight and in all honesty wouldn’t be reason enough to ignore the original M8. The key difference would be felt when using the box for Game play, whilst actually watching video content is still the same. The new M8S has introduced in built bluetooth, this is a great added feature.

For technical specifications please visit the Shop page, click the M8S and then look under specifications.

Extended M8S Android TV Box review.

22/11/2015 updated M8S review Android TV Box.

So, its been almost one year since we launched and reviewed the M8S, after having sold a large number of this model we can see that the M8S is by far one of the most reliable and powerful Android TV devices we ever stocked.  The M8S is the least device to come back in for repairs, its as quick as the super Epic Box and handles Kodi with no issues at all.

Earlier we spoke about the M8S adopting HEVC technology, little did we know what a positive impact this would have on the devices overall performance. HEVC or H265 allows the device to decode IPTV streams with ease, it doesn’t overheat and therefore ensures the box lasts much longer. Early on we saw overheating issues with the MX2 Android TV Box, now thanks to H265 this became a problem of the past.

Having used the M8S for almost 1 year now it’s safe to say, This is one of the best EVER Android TV Box’s, it has been well built and engineers have managed to iron out all the issues which burdened the M8.

Here’s a really good Video I found on Youtube for you to check out

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