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M8-S vs Super Epic EKB328 Android TV Box



Super Epic Ekb328The difference between the M8-S and the Super Epic Android TV Box EKB3288.

In this Blog post we hope to offer clarification on one of the most commonly asked questions, we are not going to dwell deep into technical specifications and bore you, rather in this article we will provide information based on extensive testing and use of both the Super Epic EKB328 and M8-S Android TV Box’s.
There has been much confusion since their release, the M8-S and the Super Epic Android TV Box, code named EKB3288 share many similarities and are also very similarly priced. Hardware and software specifications are almost identical so it is no surprise why we receive so many inquiries on a daily basis.

The first most common question we get is,
So why are there two so similar units? Well this is also the simplest question to answer.

Both these units are produced by competing companies, therefore both units aspire to be named ‘The Best’ Android TV Box’s on the market, we see this everyday with mobile phones, cars, laptops, computers, Televisions and practically anything you can purchase, everybody wants to own the market.

Here are some main differences:

The M8-S contains a chipset produced by Amlogic, a company based in Silicon valley USA, same as the MX, MX2 and M8 Android TV Box, were as the EKB3288 Super Epic contains a chipset produced by Amlogic’s largest competitor ‘Rockchip’ a company based in China. Think of it as Intel and AMD in the computer world, both these companies produce world leading chipsets and both compete for the same market.

The Super Epic has an external well pronounced Wifi antenna which allows the Wifi system within this unit to perform exceptionally well thanks to its high gain, the M8-S has an internal WIFI antenna which does reduce its reception when compared.

The M8-S has a normal full sized SD card slot whilst the Super Epic has a micro SD card slot.

They are both very similar in size and both work towards a common goal, that of delivering the Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system to their user in the best possible way through a 4K UHD resolution.

We give both these units a big thumbs up and for those of you still thorn between which Android Box to purchase we can honestly tell you that these units are so similar in performance and usability that we cannot say one is better than the other.

Having said that, when asked which one we would recommend the answer is always the same,

  • If you intend to use this unit with WIFI then go for the Super Epic however we still recommend connecting an Ethernet cable to any Android TV Box when possible due to the high amount of data throughput required. If you cannot connect a cable then go for the Super Epic.

For technical specifications please visit our product page, select the product and scroll down, you will also find more images as well as customer reviews.

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