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So what is Android TV, better yet, What is the Android TV box?

Android TV Box explained

Android TV is the response by Google to the Apple TV which was intended to re invent the way people watch television, Android TV refers to a device which is able to hook up to a monitor, TV, or any visual display unit and run the Android Operating system.

Epic TV has introduced a variety of Android powered devices which are able to hook up to almost any type of TV and allow the user to benefit from all the Joys a tablet or high end smart phone would bring, with the added benefit of being able to watch television through the Internet connection.

The Android TV set top box’s vary in shape and size, Epic TV sources and introduces the most comprehensive models available on the market to ensure customer satisfaction. Android TV box’s vary in the way they process information and in the way they are able to handle data processing, this would explain why there are so many different types which sometimes could be confusing to some.

Most people would instantly go for the box with the most processing cores and the box with the highest figures on paper, unfortunately this is a miss leading marketing tool manufacturers and sellers use to help sell their products. Epic TV’s staff have been experimenting with different devices for over two years and can confirm that having more cores on your CPU does NOT necessarily mean you are getting the best deal.

A good working Android TV Box will be one which has all its internals working together correctly and efficiently, this is what separates a cheap imitation from an original costlier device.

Every TV Box starts off as a blank canvas, our specialist team then sets up each and every box manually to ensure it is working the way it should. All our box’s are Pretested before being dispatched and customized to the users requirements.

Possible menus within the Android Box

This would be one way in which movies could be found.

Movies and TV shows are listed as follows:


  • A-Z                                                          lists 1000’s of movies in alphabetical order’
  • Search                                                    by whole or part of a Title’
  • Featured                                                chosen by the APP’
  • Genres                                                   Action, comedy, Romance etc…’
  • Favorites                                                Defined by the user’
  • Most popular                                        Most viewed movies’
  • Highly rated                                          Received a rating starting from the highest’
  • Date Released                                       Search by the date the media was released’
  • Date Added                                           the date the media was added to the program’
  • Search (+description)                          ‘enter a short description of the Media desired’
  • Search (by title and tag)                      ‘enter the Movie title into the search box’
  • Search (advanced search)                   ‘accepts various entries’

When purchasing an Android TV Box one should consider:

The reputation of the manufacturer and not only the seller.
The internal components of the device and not just the figures
Reviews on the internet, forums and Google especially Youtube
Most importantly, if one is able to return the unit if something goes wrong
If its original or an imitation ‘imitations normally do not carry the same performance as the original would’

Epic TV GUARANTEES that all products available have been selected after hours of research have been made as to ensure its customers are receiving the best available products on the market, Epic TV’s dedicated team of specialists ensures its customers that full support is given.

What can I do with my Android TV Box?

In a nutshell, you can do anything you would be able to do with a tablet or high end smart phone when using your Android TV Box,

Some features would include

Watching Live or on demand TV
browsing the internet
calling abroad
Playing games
and much much more!

How to purchase

One may opt to purchase a product or service from Epic TV in any of the following ways:

About Android TV products and services including IPTV

1: collecting the desired product from Sliema
2: Sending us an e-mail including your request, we will get back to you and advise accordingly.
3: calling us and requesting for a delivery of the product, payment will be made to our delivery person.
4: Visiting the products page and purchasing directly from the website

We suggest options numbers 1 and 2 as this will ensure purchase of the correct item is made.


When purchasing a product from Epic TV one is going to receive a full warranty which will cover damage to the device,
For further information regarding the warranty please visit the terms and conditions section of this site.

MX 3 Android TV Box

MX3 Android TV Box