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Where do you start from when wanting to set up an IPTV Malta system?

So, to get started, you would need to first decide if, you want to install the system on an existing IPTV supporting device or if you would like to start from scratch.

If you would like to install the system on an existing device, we would send the necessary instructions and files to you via email, on receipt of your order confirmation.
In our E-mail we will include the custom addon needed to mount on to Kodi, we will also include a how to guide. This will help ensure you manage to install the system successfully. 

If your Existing device is a Mag IPTV set top box, we will simply ask you to provide your Mac address, we will activate the box for you, we will also provide you with our portal address.

If you don't have a device, you can select between an Android TV Box or a Mag IPTV set top box, our shop page consists of a number of compatible devices, if a device has an IPTV option than the box supports IPTV. 

You can purchase the entire system from our shop page without ever having to leave your home.
You may also contact us directly and arrange to collect your order from Sliema. Cash payments are also accepted.

We will dispatch your order in accordance to our shipping terms, on receipt of your order, you simply need to plug in all the cables and the IPTV system will work straight out of the box, without the need for installation technicians.

It's an extremely easy system to install and use.

What channels would I expect to receive with Epic TV as an IPTV Malta provider?

There are channels included from many different countries, the channels are NOT the same as the ones being offered by others at cheaper rates. This is guaranteed to be the best IPTV service for the money available, not only in Malta but also On line!

We invite you to test the system 'TRY BEFORE YOU BUY', this should be the same for other providers, its easy for on line and local sellers to claim they have the best service, we stress you really should try and compare!  'Click here to purchase a test account'

You will receive UK, Italian, Spanish, Maltese, American, Portuguese, Irish, Greek, French, USA, Canadian, German, Danish, Bulk     ans, Serbian, Croatian, Dutch and Turkish Premium Channels. They are mostly in HD, they DON'T buffer or GET stuck and they are JITTER FREE, 
There is NO SERVICE like this, no satellite service or local provider has as many channels with this level of service as our IPTV system GUARANTEED!


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When opting for an IPTV system you also need to consider the following:

Wind / Weather disruption issues when not using an IPTV system:

If you are geographically located in a windy or rainy/cloudy region, than a satellite receiver is going to struggle! particularly in Malta. The small island is exposed to a North westerly wind for over 200 days of the year, wind creates vibrations or movement in the satellite dish, and this creates disruptions in the picture on screen. Clouds adversely effect the reception of the satellite dish, IPTV systems do not use satellites or radio frequencies to transmit and receive television communication, rather IPTV systems use your internet connection only.

Geographic issues for Live television channel reception when also not using an IPTV system:

In many cases, one needs to be located within range of a satellite transmitter in order to receive channels from certain countries, IPTV systems use the internet to transmit channels and therefore are not effected by radio transmission limitations.

Visual effects on the environment when using a satellite or antenna system as opposed to using an IPTV subscription package

If you are living in an apartment or flat, with no access to the roof, than it is very difficult to install an expensive satellite dish. Some modern buildings do not even permit its occupants to install such unsightly contraptions on their roofs at all, utilise your roof space, turn it into a relaxing space for you and your family to enjoy, free of antennas, wires and satellite dish’s.

All your Favourite celebrates on Epic TV's IPTV system




IPTV - It's meaning and purpose - Learn the true meaning of IPTV


iptv malta

What is IPTV?

There's been a lot of talk lately about IPTV Malta, one naturally starts to ask question as he/she would with any new upcoming technology.
To fully understand what IPTV is we would first need to break down I-P-T-V and give each letter its corresponding meaning.

Internet   'Put simply, the internet is a multitude of inter connected networks spanning over a large geographic area'.

Protocol 'A protocol is basically a set of rules which governs the way in which a process should take place'

Television 'This is one word which needs very little explaining, most of us would explain TV as being 'a telecommunications medium used to transmit video and sound'.

So now that we know what each letter stands for, we also have a brief idea of what each word means. We can start to piece together what IPTV is and what we can expect from it.

1: If we have an Internet connection 'a set of interconnected networks which span the globe', than accessing this network will allow us to reach across continents, and view information otherwise impossible to view.

2: If we have video and sound and we combine them together to form Media 'Television', then conventionally we would transmit this content, digitally or in analogue form, through cables or via radio waves to reach a chosen audience.

3: Transmitting information, data or video content should be done in a controlled form, this ensures nun of this data is lost in transit, this is why sets of rules govern the way in which transmission takes place. 'Protocols'

Why go for one of our IPTV systems.

It's simple! We offer a choice of IPTV systems which vary in price;

Our Platinum IPTV solution offers the following: Prices:
* Over 1500 live TV channels most of them in HD

* Over 4500 on demand movies and series
* CATCH UP service of 7 days on the best channels
* EPG - Lets you know whats coming next and gives live info.

Our Gold Package IPTV solution offers the following: Prices from 8.33 Monthly
* Over 2000 Live channels which also include HD channels
* VOD or Video On Demand for movies and series.
* EPG. Information about current and upcoming programs. 

Epic TV's IPTV solution offers a package like no other on the market.
The IPTV system is constantly being updated on a daily basis, on demand movies and series are added daily

Other IPTV providers will not offer so many HD channels, their movie library will consist of a fraction of what we have to offer
Epic TV's IPTV service offers a backup server which is a mirror image of the main server.

For IPTV Renewals please E-Mail or call on 00356 79552435

Selecting the right IPTV device for you

No matter your location, so long as you have a stable internet connection, electricity and a television, you can make use of our unique IPTV system!

Epic TV's IPTV system, offers one of the most comprehensive lists of Live TV channels throughout the globe and not only in Malta. Most channels are in HD.  Epic TV has worked very hard to develop this unique IPTV system, now it's at the very top of the list of IPTV service providers.

The IPTV system can be installed on a PC, laptop, Tablet, Android TV Box, Mag IPTV set top box and even a smart phone. The IPTV system can be installed on practically any device which can run Kodi well.

Our favourite set up by far is that of the IPTV system on the Mag IPTV set top box, this is due to the Mag being so user friendly, stable and reliable. The Mag sub divides channels into packages and categories, this makes it easy for the user to sift through the hundreds of available channels.

On Kodi, the IPTV system uses a custom Addon which the user needs to install. The Ruya addon also sub divides channels into different categories and even packages, its incredibly easy to sift through channels, movies and even series.

So if your after a complete package of channels, most of which are in HD, and can suit the whole family, Epic TV has the write solution for you.

Which IPTV device should I go for?

This is one of the first questions which comes to mind after you would have decided to  opt for an IPTV system, 

The main difference between an Android TV Box and a Mag IPTV set top box is, the Mag is running the Linux operating system with a custom user interface and the Android TV Box is simply a multimedia player running a version of Android.

So the user has a choice between operating systems,

* the Linux operating system on the Mag IPTV set top box is extremely stable, the user interface is as simple as they come. The Mag is the preferred option for the less technical and for those who like to take the easier route. 

* The Android Operating system on the Android TV Box is also quite simple to use, a recent version of Kodi needs to be installed onto the device and a custom addon is mounted to Kodi. This is how the user will access all the channels. Purchasing a fully loaded Android TV Box from Epic TV will include Kodi.

Prices are very similar between the Android TV Box's and the Mag IPTV set top box's, the Android box gives the user more flexibility, the ability to install more apps from the Google Play Store, as well as the ability to handle more demanding applications, such as Games thanks to its superior central processing unit, Graphics cards and working memory. 'RAM'

So why would anyone go for a Mag IPTV set top box if its not as powerful as a good Android TV Box?

The Mag IPTV set top box doesn't need to be powerful, it just needs to be good at what its designed to do. The Mag simply needs to receive information through the internet and convert it into video and sound, the Mag is perfect at doing exactly that! The Mag's operating system is extremely efficient and is able to perform the necessary tasks with ease, channels are delivered to the user on an extremely easy to follow menu.
The Mag Operating system does not demand a lot from its physical components and this is why its so efficient. 

The Mag is the preferred choice for many thanks to it's simplicity, reliability and efficiency. The Android TV box is powerful, versatile and offers the user a wider choice, it can be used in the same way you would use a tablet or pc with basic functionality.

Generally, technical users would opt for a powerful Android TV Box as it can be customised and used for many different reasons, whilst less technical users should opt for the Mag IPTV set top box, especially if they are only interested in watching TV and not sending emails, playing games or downloading apps.

you may also install the system onto a tablet, pc, laptop or smart phone. If the device of your choice can handle a recent version of Kodi than your fine, it might even save you having to spend money on a new device. Our IPTV system offers the same content regardless of which device you choose.

 Mag 254 IPTV Set Top Box                            Android TV Box

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Recommendations when considering an IPTV system:

You should have a download connection of at lease 20 mbps with an unlimited download limit.

There are different options available when it comes to IPTV services, it can be installed on an Android TV Box or a Mag IPTV set top box, however it is evident that there is much confusion amongst many regarding stability issues, or which set top box to opt for, unfortunately people claiming to know a lot about IPTV systems cant always ‘walk the walk’. These individuals are causing unnecessary confusion. If in doubt, simply try out the system, we are 100% confident in our IPTV system and so are our existing customers!

The device running the IPTV system should be connected directly to the internet modem. One should try avoid having a router in the middle, this will help provide a faster internet connection to the device.


Now take your favourite channel as an example, normally you would place an antenna on the roof, a satellite dish, or pass a cable into your house to view this channel. IPTV brings you your favourite channels, through the internet, in the same way that the internet would bring you a YouTube video, on-line music or an article such as this one.

IPTV uses the Internet to carry video and sound content over continents which are geographically split, IPTV manages to successfully carry out this process thanks to the set of strict Protocols it follows. This means that practically any device capable of connecting to the internet and displaying video may be capable of supporting IPTV technology, therefore bringing your favourite TV channel to your device.

IPTV is re inventing the way providers broadcast media. With internet connections constantly improving, we are able to transmit higher amounts of data over our existing networks without issues. Malta has seen a major improvement over the years in data transmission handling, thanks to improvements in cabling also including fibre optics. Local internet service providers are constantly upgrading their internet bandwidth speeds and download quotas. This is a benefit for anyone looking to use IPTV technology in their own home.

For those looking to learn more about this booming IPTV technology here is a brief on-line video I came across on YouTube explaining the basics of IPTV
Also check out Wikipedia for a more detailed description of IPTV technology;