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FILMON STOPPED WORKING! it’s no longer free!

Has FilmOn stopped working?

Yes, SD FREE FilmOn stopped working and is no longer free! Yes you need to pay for FilmOn from now on for it to work!

If you, like many of us have been using the FilmOn service for the past few years for free, things are about to change!

FilmOn have announced that the SD version of FilmOn is no longer offered for free as of May 2017, this update comes ‘coincidentally and conveniently’ close to the European Courts ruling against Kodi Add-Ons at the end of April 2017!

FilmOn have apologized to their existing users on their official website As of the 1st of May 2017, The SD version is no longer available and will only work for a couple minutes before playback stops.

In some cases FilmOn will Also direct the user to the subscription page of

Below is the info available on the FilmOn support page, this post is from May 1st 2017.


Changes in providing Free SD service

Posted by Gallina Valchuck on 01 May 2017 09:43 PM
Dear Users,

Thank you for contacting FilmOn Customer Support.

Unfortunately, We need to inform you, that we are no longer offering the free SD watching.

We’re very sorry and apologize for the inconvenience, as we had no possibility to let You know about this change in our service in advance.

Please note that HQ subscription will let you watch Live TV without ads, in better quality than SD and will bring you 10 hours of reusable recording space, and purchase it you may here:

FilmOn Errors currently occurring whilst playback:

FimOn works for about 2 minutes then stops playback, this problem with free SD FilmOn users has started as of May 1st 2017.

FilmOn Subscriptions are currently offered as follows:

Euro 14.95 per month or 149 Euro for 12 months, which means the user gets two months Free. This subscription includes HQ ‘high quality’ streams and also add free.

This isn’t the best news for Expats wishing to watch FREE LIVE TV on their portable device or Android TV Box

Currently users trying to access FilmOn through the Kodi Add-On or even using the custom FilmOn app will NOT be able to access the streams or will be able to access the streams for say 2 minutes, then the stream will stop.

Will keep you updated with any further information.


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