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In order for the system to work properly we recommend an unlimited monthly download limit or at leas a limit of 450gb and a download speed of at least 15mbps ‘constant’ This means that the internet connection shouldn’t drop below the recommended speed as this may result in buffering or jitter during playback.
Yes, Epic TV has launched an all new Service and repair center which aims at assisting both customers and non customers of Epic TV. this service centre provides, repair, maintenance and programming services.
Yes, the TV Box supports video calls, simply connect a camera to one of the 4 USB slots available, install any necessary drivers and you can connect to your loved ones or business partners via Skype or any similar supported application.
Yes, the TV Box is updated daily with the latest films and media content automatically however modules can be added to the TV Box, these would be considered upgrades and/or packages which can be found on our packages section on the site
The TV Box supports both wired and wireless Internet connections, wired connection is via the standard Ethernet cable 'cat 5 cable or higher via standard RJ45 connector'
Yes, the TV Box supports SD cards up to 32gb in capacity.
Yes, there are 4 USB version 2.0 connection ports on the TV Box.
Yes, the Android TV Box supports both wired and wireless keyboards and mice. 'Check out the RC12, Fly airmouse and Mini wireless keyboard on our products page'
Yes, this is an added feature for those who can not use a data cable to connect to the Internet, signal strength for the wireless connection needs to be relatively strong for smooth streaming of HD video.
Yes, you can access Google play store and download apps as you would on your smart mobile phone. Apps can also be installed via a USB storage device or SD card.