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Enybox X2 Android TV Box Review

Enybox X2 Android TV Box Review

ENYBOX X2 Android TV Box Review

In this Enybox X2 Android TV Box review we will cover as many relevant topics as possible, including usability.
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The Enybox X2 Android TV Box also known as the R1 has stepped it up a notch, Aluminium housing, Android 6.X and 16 GB of internal storage are attributes which are not commonly found in all Android TV Boxes.

Like previous Android TV Boxes, the R1 is able to stream Video content off the internet however there are some significant improvements to the X2 Android TV Box over other units.

ENYBOX X2 Android TV Box Chipset

The Enybox X2 Android TV Box incorporates Amlogic’s S912 Octa core 64 bit CPU with 4K capabilities, a larger Cache on the CPU means that the X2 is able to handle data more efficiently and this results in smoother running of games and video streaming during decoding.

Kodi 16.1 runs smoothly thanks to the advanced chip-set and there is significantly less buffering during video playback.

ENYBOX X2 Build quality

In this X2 Android TV Box review which is also known as the R1 we see how the X1 benefits from an external housing made of aluminium, this not only looks great but also allows the box to run cooler. Aluminium is an excellent heat conductor and this allows the CPU, GPU and RAM to remain cooler during operation. Less heat means the components are running happier and data can be processed more efficiently. In the earlier days of Android TV Boxes, we saw heat related issues with the M8 Android TV Box. As CPU’s become more powerful, they also increase in power consumption and also more heat is generated. The M8 would overheat and shut down, in some cases, the heat was sufficient enough to dislodge heat sinks from components, making the box unusable.

ENYBOX X2 Android TV Box Operating system.

The operating system on the X2 is Android 6.X Marsh-mellow, this is the latest release of Android to date ’13/10/2016′. Coupled with an amazing chip set ‘previously discussed’ this makes the ENY X2 a beast when processing data and executing commands. The user interface has changed slightly and now seems to be easier to access programs and settings for the device. Colours look vibrant and the overall user interface during testing was extremely positive.


Enybox X2 Android TV Box Review usability verdict


So finally, in this X2 Android TV box review we will see how the box compared to other Android TV Boxes.

Note to reader: We stocked almost every single Android TV box ever to hit the market so far, the following text will be comparative to our own user experience when compared to other Android TV Boxes, this could be slightly technical writing.

Physical design characteristics for the X2 Android TV box are excellent, the weight of the box is actually significantly higher than that of plastic housed boxes and right away you can notice a certain level of build quality over other units.
The device incorporates rounded edges which make its overall footprint smaller and makes it look smaller than it actually is. Kind of a rounded edge on a Samsung galaxy phone.
The mix of polished aluminum with Black matt plastic gives the X2 great looks.
LED lights on the X2 are not numerous however the two LED’s available are enough to get the job done.

Speed, efficiency and overall computational performance from the X2 Android TV Box: whilst using the device one will notice that switching between menus looks great and also switching between screens is extremely fast, this is thanks to the capable chip set which the X2 incorporates. We find the X2 is quite ok when handling processes and switching processes between cores on the CPU, this would be thanks to all the predecessors which allowed the S912 to evolve to its current stage. The X2 performs well and gets the job done ‘Watching movies and series and also playing games’ dont expect to play GTA5 on this box or any other Android TV box which can be purchased for under 250 USD. ‘Here we are referring to the Nvidia Shield.


Enybox X2 Android TV Box review Ports

The X2 comes with the following communication ports.

1 HDMI 2.0 port
1 ethernet Lan port 10/100
1 audio video
1 optical audio
1 Power adapter port
2 * 2.0 USB ports
1 Antenna for wifi
1 SD card port

Enybox X2 Android TV Box review Images in high resolution


Enybox X2 Android TV Box ReviewEnybox X2 Android TV Box rear view for review

X2 Enybox Android TV Box Technical specifications


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