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Reviews about Android TV Boxes and IPTV set top boxes

This page focuses on providing the reader with in depth reviews about hot selling Android TV Boxes, accessories and IPTV services. Select any of the below blog posts for further information regarding that topic. We regularly update this page with information based on the sole opinion of Epic TV Staff which is also based on feedback we receive from our customers.

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Medialink ML8000 review

Medialink ML8000 Review

Medialink ML8000 Review In this article we’l be conducting a Medialink ML8000 review. The ML8000 is one of the very first boxes which brings together the possibility to connect to your favorite IPTV service provider as well as download and install your favorite Android ...

filmon stopped working filmon is no longer free as of may 2017

FILMON STOPPED WORKING! it’s no longer free!

Has FilmOn stopped working? Yes, SD FREE FilmOn stopped working and is no longer free! Yes you need to pay for FilmOn from now on for it to work! If you, like many of us have been using the FilmOn service for the past few years for free, things are about to change! FilmOn h ...

Smart Doorbells Malta

Epic TV has brought Smart doorbells to Malta for the first time, For years intercoms and doorbells have been installed in our homes in Malta, we started with simple loud doorbells, then moved onto doorbells with fancy ‘annoying’ melodies, we then discovered inter ...

Medialink 6200S

This is a review for the Medialink 6200s Smart Home Multimedia box with HEVC or H265 We received the Medialink 6200s in mid December 2016 and started testing the box with various IPTV and satellite systems, it is safe to say that the Medialink 6200S managed to perform all t ...

R1 Android TV Box ENybox

Enybox X2 Android TV Box Review

ENYBOX X2 Android TV Box Review In this Enybox X2 Android TV Box review we will cover as many relevant topics as possible, including usability. If you wish to purchase this product click Here to get directed to our shop page. The Enybox X2 Android TV Box also known as the R1 ...

mag 254 iptv set top box

Mag254 Review

Mag 254 Review. Our favourite IPTV set top box, by far for 2015 has to be the Mag254, so now it’s time for a mag254 review! In this review we will be generally discussing the performance of the Mag and how we find it as an IPTV set top box. The 254 is built in Europe by Info ...

Android TV off Ebay, Now I need help!

We are writing this blog post in a response to comments we receive from all the upset individuals we have to deal with on a weekly basis because they chose NOT to go local on their purchase and now they simply have no one to turn to! So you purchased an Android TV box on-lin ...

MX3 Android TV Box now in Malta

MX3 Android TV Box Review

So what has Epic TV got to say about the MX3 Android powered TV Box? After having tested this 4K Android TV Box our findings look promising, not only does the MX3 perform extremely well but it also looks great, we believe the manufacturer has really managed to successfully a ...