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Android TV off Ebay, Now I need help!

Android TV off Ebay, Now I need help!

We are writing this blog post in a response to comments we receive from all the upset individuals we have to deal with on a weekly basis because they chose NOT to go local on their purchase and now they simply have no one to turn to!

So you purchased an Android TV box on-line, maybe from e-bay? It’s not up to date with all the latest add ons and software and now your stuck! Well don’t worry your not the first, actually your just one of many!

We can set up your Android TV box with all the latest currently available software to maximise your viewing experience, just bring us your unit and will take care of the rest, normally it’s ready on the same day at a minimal charge. ‘This applies only to Maltese residents sending their unit from Malta to our Malta office.

Every week we receive a number of units which can not be repaired, this is due to the Android box’s nature of design and build, like a laptop computer or mobile phone,  an Android box is comprised of 1 main board, the board contains every component needed for the box to work, it then has an antenna and infra red sensor soldered externally to the main board. Being one main board, it is extremely difficult for us to conduct necessary work on integrated circuits to repair most problems, this is why we send out units back to their maker, we ship all units we can’t repair to the factory and let them sort it out, this is why our customers always get their box repaired within the warranty period.

The units we can’t repair and are not purchased from Epic TV unfortunately end up becoming over priced paper weights. Remember purchasing off eBay and saving 10 to 15 euros may sound appealing however what happens when faults appear? Do you actually have the facility available to send the box back overseas to be repaired? Most people don’t bother and end up having wasted over a hundred euros just to save a couple.

It’s no secret, like other electronic devices, Android box’s do break and generally faults in a broken box will appear within the first month or so, this is why one should consider purchasing locally and having peace of mind knowing that someone will be there to help and if needed replace the unit.

MX2 also known as EM6 main boards

MX2 or EM6 Android TV Box damaged Main boards

From this unit’the ‘MX2 Android TV Box’, 2014’s best seller.

MX2 Android TV Box Review

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