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Epic TV Box Malta
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Android TV Box Review

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Introducing Buzzer, the next generation of Smart doorbell.

Buzzer lets you answer your door even when you’re not at home, thanks to it’s advanced smart features, buzzer is able to connect to your smart device via the internet and provide a live video feed with 2 way voice communication.

Buzzer is able to connect to your home or office network wirelessly and can be configured in minutes, Buzzer interacts with your smart device using a custom app which can be installed on Android as well as IOS devices.

Up your home or office security with Buzzer, make a burglars life harder, give the impression someone is always there!

With Buzzer by your side you’ll know who’s at your door and You never need to miss that much awaited delivery again or miss out on important client meetings if you had to run out for a few minutes.

Thanks to its highly customisable app, Buzzer can be set to automatically record events and will notify you when someone is walking towards your door thanks to its Motion detection sensor. Buzzer can see exceptionally well at night too thanks to its infrared sensor and amazing low light capabilities.

Buzzer can even connect to electronic locks, which means you can unlock your door remotely using the smart App on your phone, buzzer even comes with a long range remote control as well as RFID Cards for keyless entry.

Contact us today and together with Buzzer, will help you add security to your home or office in minutes.


 Supplying Android TV Boxes in Malta

.Brought to Malta over 4 years ago, the Android TV box has made a significant impression, its popularity grew significantly and now has become a MUST HAVE in every household.

Epic TV’s Android TV Boxes allow its users to benefit from most of the same features as one would find on an Android smartphone or tablet.

The Android TV Box hooks up directly to your Television via HDMI or phono plugs, making it extremely versatile and compatible.

Supercharge your Television, make your television super smart and super fast in seconds. You’ll be able to browse the internet and Facebook whilst playing music. You can download and install apps from the Google Play store. You can Watch Movies and Series with programs like Netflix, check your emails, play games and much, much more.  
Epic TV’s Android TV box products are the most sought after devices on the global market, this is one of the reasons why Epic TV is one of the leading Android TV Box providers in Europe. Based in Malta, Central Europe,

Over the last 4 Years, Epic TV has expanded its business in Malta and now supplies many local stores and even overseas. The Android TV Box is very popular in Malta as are the IPTV decoder line of products.


Leading Android TV Box Malta Providers

If your looking for an Android TV Box in Malta, Epic TV is Malta's Largest supplier of Android TV Boxes, accessories and firmware maintenance, Epic TV stocks most of the High End Android TV boxes available on the global market.

From 2013 to date, Epic TV has launched the most comprehensive list of android TV box Malta products money can buy, some of which include the M8, M8S, MX2, MX3, X2, Mag254, Mag256, Quad Core, the Mini PC and many more accessories. Epic TV Sources tens of Android TV box products however launches only a handful in Malta, the few Launched are the most reliable and leading products available on the global market. 

Before purchasing an IPTV or Android TV Box, it is important to ensure it is the original and not a cloned imitation, these are under performing units which in most cases are highly prone to critical errors within their Firmware, making them impossible to repair or maintain. All of Epic TV's Android TV Boxes, accessories and IPTV systems are original and sourced from the worlds leading providers


Android TV Box Malta - Satisfaction Guaranteed

It is almost impossible for the untrained eye to recognize an Android TV box imitation, this is why one should always purchase An Android TV box or IPTV decoder from a seller sourcing products from Genuine leading Manufacturers, this also ensures a guaranteed after sales service. At Epic TV Malta we guarantee our products are Original, genuine and sourced from accredited suppliers. 

We strive in providing the best after sales support. With 24/7 full on-line support and phone lines constantly available at office hours, our customers will have the best support available. Be it a simple query, or on the rare occasion a problematic box, you can rest assured knowing that we will do our utmost to provide you with the best support in possible in Malta.

ANdroid TV Box, IPTV decoder and Smart doorbells Reviews

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Disclaimer: Our Android TV Boxes DO NOT come pre-loaded with software which infringes copyright laws out of the box, the Android TV Boxes we offer come pre configured with a fresh copy of the Android Operating system and also free apps which one would commonly find pre installed on any High End Smart phone. Applications such as Kodi will not include Add-ons, We do this to ensure that neither Epic TV or anyone representing Epic TV is helping the distribution of illegal content. Android TV Boxes are simply computer devices running the Android Operating system, it is the type of software which one chooses to add to these devices which may or may not effect the legality of the content being viewed on ones TV through the Android TV Box. It is NOT correct for anyone to argue that an Android TV Box is illegal, European courts in April of 2017 have Ruled that its the software which is no longer legal, software such as the add-ons mounted into Kodi and not even Kodi itself, never mind the actual Android TV Box. Kodi Add-ons which allow the free viewing of copyright protected media are the issue and also similar applications which aim to do the same thing. In a nutshell, as of April 2017 it is NOT illegal to own an Android TV Box, the Court Ruling is against Kodi Add-ons which allow for illegal content to be streamed! Software such as Kodi + addons, Showbox, Mobdro and others may also be installed on ones Smart phone running Android or IOS, therefore should Smart phones be made illegal too? of course not! this is why Android TV Boxes are NOT illegal if used correctly. Netfix and similar Apps allow for streaming of content onto an Android TV Box and that's perfectly fine